The development of a distributed Linux cluster in a small rural high school.

by Dr. Stan Blank


The Computer Science II/III students at Wayne City High School in Southern Illinois researched, planned, and developed a distributed Linux cluster using existing network hardware as a class project during the 2000-2001 school year. After much research, followed by trials and many errors, MPICH-1.2.1 was successfully installed and tested with RedHat 6.2. Demo programs, including the MPI/MPE graphics programs (Life, Mandel, and MasterMind) were successfully executed.

In the upcoming 2001-2002 school year, new computer equipment will be used to develop a (hopefully) more powerful Linux cluster. We hope to focus on the MPI/MPE interface and the development of custom programs with the emphasis on graphics. Finally, research will be conducted into the feasibility of other distributed processing systems such as MOSIX, OSCAR, PVM, and Scyld.