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Proseminar Recap of CAVE Navigation by Volodymyr Kindratenko on 13jun01

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A. Navigation - How does someone travel from one place to another?

    1. way finding - determine current position and ascertain a path to desired location
    2. travel - means of moving
B. Egocentric Travel - User moves inside of environment
    1. locomotive - user physically moves him/herself in the space, therefore the user physically moves around while the computer tracks the user and makes the correct corresponding image
    2. path following - user "moves" on a pre-computed path by the virtual environment or jumps from a location to a location
    3. walk through - user "walks" on a virtual terrain
    4. fly through - user "flies" in the virtual environment

C. Exocentric Travel - User moves outside of environment
    1. moves the world - the world is moved
    2. scales the world - zoom in/out

D. CAVE Input Devices
    1.Wand - held in hand
      a. ours - 2 degrees of freedom 3-button joystick, +1, -1 in each direction
      b. intersence - more sensitive 4-button joystick, but heavy and ungainly

    2.GDOF Position Tracking System
      a. head tracking
      b. hand tracking

E. CAVE Input Types
    1.Discrete Events - on/off buttons
    2.Continuous Functions - wand joystick (x:[-1,1],y:[-1,1]) position

F. The Problem: How to map input into a travel technique?
    1. How to start/stop motion
    2. How to steer motion?

G. Examples
    1. buttons - click initiates movement/rotation, then click again to stop it
    2. joysticks - push the joystick left/right, forward/backward, to move in one plane
    3. buttons and joysticks - use buttons to switch between navigation planes

H. Hopeful Outcomes
    1. library of application independent techniques
    2. framework that would allow you to specify any possible combination of input devices/types for the fly-through travel
    3. an adaptive framework that would allow to adjust the travel system to the user's needs and abilities

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