jazzSnail by the illiMath Collective
Click me morp(h) (b)inoc sha(p)e (f)ore (a)ft fl(y) (z)ap cont(r)ail
(b)inoc (s)kin fl(y)|(spacebar) (h)omotopy sha(p)e {f}ore {a}ft [z]ap cont(r)ail [w]ritetrail to console; where
Cycle/toggle (key), hold down {key}, tap [key]:
Design and C/IrisGL RTICA by Francis, Bourd, Hartmann & Chappell, 1992..1997
Based on ideas of Pintard, Lawson, Siebenmann, Asimov, and Brehm.
Conversion to HTML/WebGL assisted by Reizner, Amanzadeh and Yi "Lisa" Li, 2013..2017
Starfield by Stuart Levy, NCSA, 1994, 2017. EVL CAVE at SIGGRAPH'94.
Three minute home video of the Post-Euclidean Walkabout